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Strategic Thinking

Help steer your business in the right direction with our Strategic Thinking training course in Bristol. 

Our Strategic Thinking training course will help you take a global view of your organisation and identify opportunities for future growth. During the course attendees will have the opportunity to consider their own situation and develop a personal approach that works for them and for their business.

Please note that this course is customisable, so you can focus on learning the thinking skills that are most important to you.

Benefits of attending this course…

In order to secure your plans for the future you will need a Strategic Vision supported by clearly defined goals. You will also need staff who are committed to the vision and know what is needed to achieve it.
The purpose of this course is to show how Strategic Thinking can help you plan for a better future and then turn this into reality.

Who is it for?

Those who need to set strategy for themselves, their team or their organisation.


By the end of the training you will be able to…

  • Describe the vital role of Strategic Thinking in business today.
  • Analyse your current position and define your strategic vision and supporting goals, for a better future.
  • Implement the strategic change that will result from the above.


  • The key role of Strategic Thinking in supporting your business.
  • Defining a Strategic Vision that will inspire and empower.
  • Techniques for exploring your current position (such as the GE Grid, SWOT analysis, Gap analysis and Porter’s Five Forces).
  • Understanding the current marketplace (including use of the Ansoff Matrix and the Directional Policy Matrix).
  • Defining your business goals and summarising your strategic direction in a Business Plan.
  • Identifying and exploiting creativity within your organisation.
  • Implementing your strategy and managing the resulting change.
  • Looking back and assessing the benefits (has it been worth it?)
  • Identifying opportunities for application back in the workplace.


1 Day (Classroom)
1 Day (Online) *

* Online courses are delivered in one or more half day sessions on separate days.

Classroom Learning *

Up to 6 Delgates for £675 + VAT

Additional delegates £50 + VAT each.
The maximum class size is 18.

Online Learning

Up to 6 Delgates for £450 + VAT

Additional delegates £35 + VAT each.
The maximum class size is 12.

Special prices available for abridged courses, small groups, individuals and bulk bookings.

* Training can be carried out at your premises (for no additional cost) if you are within 15 miles of Bristol. If you require offsite training this can also be arranged.

Please contact us for a quote.

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