Get a grip on your data with our bespoke Access training courses in Bristol.

Our training courses for Access will help you manage your data with the minimum of effort. They are graded so that, no matter what your level of experience, you will always find something new and useful to learn. Our Access training courses cover practical tasks that will help you get more out of the package and increase your productivity.

Please note that all our courses are customisable so you can focus on developing the Access skills that are most important to you.

Level 1 – New User (1 day)

This level is aimed at the novice user who wants to quickly become productive.

  • Overview of the features and capabilities of Access.
  • Functional elements of the Access screen and how to get help.
  • Essential database terminology and introduction to ‘objects’.
  • Overview of good database design – such as the choice of fields and keys (and their importance when creating relationships between tables).
  • Overview of the Form, Datasheet, Layout and Design views.
  • Working in Datasheet View (including using Sorts and Filters with a table and ‘Find and Replace’ to update multiple records).
  • Creating a new Data Table (including entering, viewing, and editing data).
  • Relating tables (and the importance of Referential Integrity).
  • Using Sorts and Filters with a table.
  • An introduction to creating and using ‘Find Queries’ (including using Calculated Fields).
  • Creating and using a data entry Form.
  • Producing Reports from your data.
  • How to obtain a print of the various database elements (including printing the structure of a table).

Level 2 – Regular User (1 day)

This level is aimed at existing users who want to get more out of Access and hone their skills further.

  • The importance of planning your application (and what can go wrong if you don’t).
  • More database design concepts (such as, normalisation, indexing, and relational database operations).
  • Defining a table and changing its structure later (and what data might be lost if you do).
  • The rationale for using different relational table ‘joins’ and establishing ‘Referential Integrity’ between related tables.
  • Updating data in a table with an ‘Update Query’.
  • Using a ‘Parameter Query’ to find records based on user input.
  • Designing and using a Form for quick and easy data entry (including using sub-forms).
  • Creating a Graph from your data (including customising it).
  • Summarising data with Crosstab Queries.
  • Creating more complex Reports (including grouping and sorting data within a report).
  • Designing and building a ‘Switchboard’ to assist user navigation and interaction with your database (Access 2007 only).
  • Creating a ‘Navigation Form’ to assist user navigation and interaction with your database (Access 2010-16 only).
  • Importing and Exporting data between other software packages (such as Excel or another Access database).
  • Compacting, Repairing and Protecting your database.

Level 3 – Advanced User (1 day)

This level is aimed at experienced users who really want to push the boundaries and develop their Access skills even further.

Using Access reports effectively…

  • Grouping data within a Report to increase clarity.
  • Mail merging to labels and envelopes with ‘Mailing Reports’.
  • Working with detailed Reports and embedded ‘Sub-Reports’.
  • Performing custom calculations and controlling the report appearance with Expressions and Functions (such as concatenation, IIF and IsNULL).

Using Access Forms effectively…

  • Creating ‘Splash Screens’ to personalise your application at start-up.
  • Working with more sophisticated Forms (including embedding ‘Sub-Forms’).
  • Analysing trends and patterns in your data with Pivot Tables.
  • Giving users control over the application with ‘Command Buttons’ and other controls (such as ‘Combo’ boxes).

Using Graphics…

  • Adding graphics to reports and forms to add visual impact.

Access Macros…

  • Introduction to Macros (in order to automate and speed-up repetitive or tedious operations).
  • Attaching a Macro to a Form.

Bespoke Content

  • If you want to mix subjects from two (or more) levels we can arrange that.
  • If you want to focus on specific areas within a level we can also do that.
  • If you want to use your own exercises (or suggest extra subjects) then we can usually accommodate that too!


Level 1 – New User (1 day)

Level 2 – Regular User (1 day)

Level 3 – Advanced User (1 day)

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