“Read faster and retain more with our Effective Reading training course in Bristol.”

Our Effective Reading training course will help read quicker whilst still being able to retain key points. During the course attendees will have the opportunity to consider their own situation and develop a personal reading style that works for them.

Please note that this course is customisable, so you can focus on developing the reading skills that are most important to you.

Benefits of attending this course…

If you spend a lot of time reading documents then you will appreciate the time it can take out of your working day. But, by reading more efficiently, and raising your level of understanding, you can make the most of this time.
The purpose of this course is to help you to improve your reading speed and comprehension so you can extract crucial information from documents.

Who is it for?

Those who need to read documents quickly and extract key information from them.


By the end of the training you will be able to…

  • Assess your current reading speed and level of comprehension.
  • Describe a variety of practical methods to optimise your reading speed and comprehension.
  • Apply effective reading methods whilst working, studying and researching.


  • The history and development of speed-reading techniques.
  • An overview of the seven-stage reading process (and how this can help us).
  • Assessing your current reading speed and comprehension level.
  • Identifying and correcting poor reading habits.
  • How to gain a quick understanding of a document using previewing techniques.
  • Creating an environment that is conducive to efficient reading.
  • Effective study and research skills – an introduction to collating and synthesising data from existing documents.
  • Identifying opportunities for further practice and development once back at work.


1 Day

How much for this course?

Effective Reading Course Outline