Make the most of your Meeting Time

Introducing ‘Etymon’

Our roving investigator and management training guru ‘Etymon’ starts a new blog series today looking at Effective Meetings.

Read on for a taste of what is to come…

“In far too many organisations people spend a great deal of energy trying to avoid the relentless and interminable meetings that take place with monotonous regularity throughout the working week. They have no faith that that they will deliver results.

Others expend as much energy setting up, running or attending these meetings convinced in the virtue of that attendance, convinced that they are part of a process that does ‘deliver for the business’.

But both groups can’t be right and because of this mismatch of views, businesses would be wise to consider the amount of meetings that their employees attend and the quality of these meetings.

Because, in theory, what’s not to like? A meeting is a managed process by which people are empowered to meet important objectives, the outcome of which is vital to the on-going needs of the business or organisation.

The devil is in the detail: ‘a managed process by which people are empowered to meet important objectives’. It seems that a good meeting needs good management, empowered people and clear objectives. Are our meetings really delivering on those three things? If not, why not? And what, if anything, can we do about it…?”

If this short introduction has whetted your appetite keep tuned-in for the rest of the series.

In the meantime if you want to make the most of your precious meeting time take a look at our Chairing Meetings and Effective Meetings courses.

John Bainbridge