Accelerated Learning

There are generally two types of training event – those where the learners are spoon-fed ideas and those where the learners discover the ideas for themselves.

The former is a format that you may be familiar with – you enter the training room, sit down and listen until it’s time for a break! The latter version is less-common but much more effective – you enter the room and immediately start to do something. It could be an exercise where you get to know the other delegates, it could be a mini-quiz to check your prior knowledge or it could be a collaborative puzzle to get you talking to other people. Whatever the activity the important thing is you are learning through doing rather than just listening and the chances are you will enjoy the experience more and learn faster.

Read our short introduction below to learn more or check-out our Train the Trainer course (which is packed full of suggestions on how to make Accelerated Learning work for your training events).

Accelerated Learning

I hope you find our guide useful but, as usual, please do get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

John Bainbridge